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At Legacy Arbor Care, we feel the most important aspect to professional tree care is in the arena of insect and disease control.


Not just any Austin tree trimming company can visit your site and single out the causal agent for tree decline.

In many cases, there is not just one reason for the decline of a sick tree. There might be environmental issues, several diseases present, or even a combination of insect and disease pressure on the tree.

The most important factor in the whole process is proper diagnosis. Annually, homeowners and property managers spend thousands of dollars on tree treatments that were not properly diagnosed. Many symptoms for disease and insect infestation are very similar and can be easily misdiagnosed. Whether you are battling foliar feeding insects or faced with an oak wilt infection, proper management begins with proper diagnosis.

At Legacy Arbor Care, we continually attend workshops, conferences, and work closely with groups such as the Texas Forest Service in order to remain on the forefront in tree health care. We feel it is this continued education paired with our years of field experience that makes us a great option for our clients when it comes to an Austin tree care company that can assist you with insect and disease management.

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