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Is it really a good idea to fertilize your trees?

As an Austin tree care company we often get asked this question quite a bit and it's often necessary to clarify the age old argument...

"Why do trees need to be fertilized in my lawn if they never are fertilized in nature?"
It may not be considered direct fertilization, however trees in a forest setting are offered a constant source of organic material.

The forest floor is covered in decaying leaves, twigs, and branches. These decaying plant parts over time break down and return valuable organic material to the soil. This organic material (nature's fertilizer) offers trees a great source of nutrients in which to grow. This allows trees to remain vigorous, fight off pests, and add much needed growth during the growing season.

Once we put trees in an urban setting, the entire dynamics of the soil profile changes. As we add turf grass in our lawn, the tree roots must compete with a thick layer of turf roots for valuable resources. The soil itself is denied nutrients as we bag grass clippings and rake the leaves from our lawn. Without these leaves and twigs breaking down and returning organic material to the soil, over time our urban soils become an environment that is not idea for healthy trees.

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